Greg’s Entrepreneur Journey!

Often referred to as “The Entrepreneur’s Best Friend”, Greg has spent over15 years coaching thousands of entrepreneurs to raise capital, market their businesses, and ring the cash register.

At the age of 21 he was the youngest owner of a full-service investment bank in the history of the United States.  Since then he has been directly involved in over $100 million in financing, dozens of IPO’s and mergers & acquisitions for early stage and start up companies.

He has over 35 years of experience in corporate finance, capital formation, executive level management, mergers & acquisitions, software development, licensing & distribution, and sales & marketing.

As a self-declared “digital marketing guru”, Greg has generated millions of dollars in revenue using the exact strategies he teaches in seminars and keynotes across the country. These days, he’s on a mission to help celebrities & influencers accelerate their business growth, increase their revenues, and build “brand equity” through e-commerce and online digital marketing.

Greg Writer
CEO & Founder




In his journey to support entrepreneurs, Greg created Launch Cart to make eCommerce, product sourcing, and fulfillment simple, and affordable for entrepreneurs and merchants worldwide.

Launch Cart is a cloud-based eCommerce platform empowering celebrities, influencers, and brands to quickly and easily launch an online “merch” store with products sourced from the Source and Sell Marketplace without spending money on inventory or the supply-side management and fulfillment challenges.

The Source and Sell Marketplace is a wholesale marketplace where print-on-demand suppliers, manufacturers, and brands can list their products for Launch Cart sellers to offer their products for sale from their eCommerce store, using the drop-ship and affiliate marketing model. This will eventually create another distribution channel with millions of sellers globally for such brands.

Launch Cart is an entrepreneur’s all-in-one solution to make, scale, and manage an eCommerce store. Business owners can create and organize an online store, sell in numerous currencies and countries, and manage customers, products, inventory, payments, and shipping with the platform.


During his 35+ years as an entrepreneur, Greg has experienced just about every high and low that you can imagine. From becoming the youngest owner of an investment bank in U.S. history to closing deals with celebrities like rapper Master P and billion dollar companies like Dreamworks to partnering with top investor entrepreneurs like Kevin Harrington (from the hit TV show Shark Tank), and branding mogul Bernt Ullmann, he’s learned a thing or two about business.

Together with his business partners, Greg founded multiple multi-million dollar companies, raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital, taken dozens of companies public, heard thousands of pitches from ambitious entrepreneurs, and invested in a number of highly successful deals. So, he knows what it takes to start, build, pitch, and exit a highly lucrative business.


Greg has invested in hundreds of early stage companies, been involved in dozens of mergers/acquisitions and was the founder of Angel Investors Network in 1997, the 1st online angel group ever formed. Greg created the Mastermind Investment Club in 2018 with Kevin Harrington and Bernt Ullmann to continue his vision of supporting the entrepreneurial spirit and perpetuating free enterprise.


Since the late 90’s, Greg has been obsessed with the power of marketing & digital marketing. From long form sales letters to sales funnels, he has mastered the most powerful strategies for generating wealth online. from 2004 -2011 he taught marketing on stages all over the world, where he picked up teh nickname the “Entreprenues Best Friend”. 

In 2018, he was awarded the coveted Clickfunnels 2-Comma Award – a prestigious golden plaque awarded to the top digital marketers who have surpassed $1 million in sales through Clickfunnels. The craziest part is he and his team accomplished this feat in just one week!

Then he was also reconzied when he scaled his oneline business from $200k a month in sales to over $2 million a month in 8 months in 2019, generting over 400,000 sales online!


Greg has spoken to business leaders and entrepreneurs all over the United States at top industry conferences on the topics of business strategy, digital marketing, capital engineering and corporate finance.

He’s also the author of Saving America One Crowd @ A Time, one of the first books written about the new crowdfunding laws introduced in the last ten years.