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Working with Greg Writer has been an amazing experience. Before working with Greg, I was already well versed in direct response marketing, digital marketing, and helping grow brands, so I thought I would be bringing a lot to the table that the team was missing. However, I was in for an incredible surprise when I found out how much Greg actually knew about digital marketing and eCommerce. It was incredible working with Greg where we took one brand from nothing to almost $20 million in sales in just a few months! Seeing Greg in action with celebrities and influencers is pretty amazing as well. I've never met someone who knows so many people, and who so many people know and respect for helping them with their digital marketing and eCommerce. Getting contracts with A-list celebrities to help them build their brands was something I didn't expect I'd ever be a part of, but after having conversations with some top-notch celebrities and talent (many of whom are on prime time television), as well as major social media influencers, I was convinced! Greg has a talent for spotting unique growth opportunities and an incredible genius for finding ways to utilize social media, email, and other digital marketing strategies, combining them with traditional marketing, and infusing celebrity and influencer personalities to really make a brand grow! It has been an honor and privilege getting to know and work with Greg Writer, and I know that if anyone can help a business grow in this digital era, Greg's the man to make it happen!
Jeff Barnes
Expert in Building Marketing, Sales, & Capital Raising Systems
Greg is one of the most under-utilized professional resources in business. The insider's insider. Unless someone can prove me wrong, it appears that he was the youngest investment banker in the history of America. He was personally responsible for more than 70 IPO's in his early 20's. But his expertise doesn't stop with capital formation. Those who know digital marketing know what it means that Greg is part of the inner circles of people like Frank Kern, Kevin Harrington and Ryan Deiss. This is not a Swiss Army Knife full of mediocre blades and tools. Greg Writer is the seasoned wisdom, integrity and expertise you want in your corner when you intend to win in business.
Jeremy Lamont
Founder at Insiders Planning Network

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